Convention Highlights

About fifty merchants and crafters will be there to amaze you. There will be panels you can attend, movies and series to watch while taking a breather or you can try participative games. You’ll be able to meet lots of guests from many geek fandoms.

More details will be unveiled when the schedule is revealed to the public (news should be announced about a month before the event).


You will be able to enjoy a large selection of retro games in our video game room during the Geekfest, all generously sponsored by! There will also be a boardgame section where you can put that brainpower to use and have fun with other gamers.

Coming back this year, Artemis Bridge Simulator will let you embark on a spaceship adventure with an awesome team available all weekend long!


Presenting a very popular event amongst our Adult Geeks participants: the Burlesgeek troupe is back to exhilirate you with a geek-themed burlesque show!

You can also go to or compete in the masquerade. The mascarade is an amateur cosplay contest where participants can simply walk on stage or prepare a sketch to showcase their costume.

You will also have the opportunity to lounge in the interior garden, have and drink and listen to podcasts on several subjects during the Podcast Mania.


Several rooms will be opened for panels during the festival, some hosted our guests and others by members of the Quebec Geek community! If you wish to host a panel and get a refund for your badge, you can fill out the forms :


When it comes to guests, we think we can grant your wishes! Why? Because we want to offer you unique and talented guests that are hard to find elsewhere than at Geekfest! Stay tuned, our festival will surprise you whether it’s with our artists, cosplayers or Youtubers!